Olivier Sauvage Cover Image

Olivier Sauvage

Olivier Sauvage is a family-run business located in the (foothills of) France that harvests olive trees and produces olive oil. For it’s 200th year anniversary the company wanted to refresh its identity, branding, and packaging system. The goal of the rebrand was to pay homage to the company’s many generations in the olive oil business. The challenge was bringing a 200 year old company into the modern age of design while still preserving the company’s rich origin and history.

The History

When the family bought their property in 1815, they were pleasantly surprised to find a small grove of wild olive trees growing on their land. Feeling as they had been given a wonderful gift, the family started making olive oil to use in their home and share with their friends and neighbors. Eventually this small-scale project grew into a prosperous family business; one which has continued to grow over the past two centuries.

The Branding

The three basic visuals needed to establish the brand were a logo, a savory color palette, and supporting imagery for the cookbook and packaging. The letter mark ‘o’ is an abstraction of a olive’s basic shape but also doubles as the ‘O’ in Olivier. The color palette was chosen to represent the rich, golden color of Olivier Sauvage’s olive oil. The crew takes great pride in their company’s field-fresh product and wanted to reinforce their affinity for using natural ingredients in olive oil in the branding. Coincidentally there were several young olive trees growing outside my dorm room in France. Knowing the produce couldn’t get any fresher than that, I picked several of the baby olives and scanned them onto my computer. The pattern I created from these scans serves as the background imagery and a repeating motif across the Olivier Sauvage products.

The Recipe Book

For the 200 year anniversary, Olivier Sauvage wanted to release a cookbook with the family’s favorite olive oil recipes. The design for each recipe used the same visual treatment of select ingredients, as was done on the supporting olive imagery, to tie it back to the parent branding.

The Packaging

I wanted the packaging for Olivier Sauvage to stand out among all other olive oil offerings currently available on the store shelves of French grocery stores. In particular, I was drawn to the way the trunk of a mature olive tree twists round and round as it grows. I wanted to mimic this shape into the design of the olive oil bottle label.