Neenah Paper Cover Image

Neenah Annual Report

Neenah Paper, a company that produces technical and luxury paper products, wanted to update their annual report to send out to potential clients and partners. Their current annual report, a digital pdf, did not reflect their brand or products well. Neenah wanted a way to feature their extensive line of paper products while also showcasing the company's success. The challenge was turning something as mundane as reading an annual report into a page-turning experience exhibiting the beauty and versatility of Neenah’s paper products.

*I do not own the photographs seen in the annual report. The photographs and art direction for these images (with the exception of the portraits page) are credited to Cade Martin Photography and Design Army.


I drew inspiration from a recent paper campaign by the company for one of their new product lines. It featured strong, bold colors, precision imagery, and a modern twist on some classic looks. I used these definitive styles to influence my typography choice and page layouts. The Neenah product lines run the gamut from traditional paper to textured, environmentally friendly, pattern-embossed, translucent, and more. To feature such a wide range of beautiful paper, many types were incorporated into the design of the annual report including the cover, printed pages, three-dimensional displays and each section divider. The idea behind using the three dimensional design within the report itself (the pop-ups) was to push past the preconceived notion that paper is primarily a two-dimensional product while also demonstrating the strength and durability of Neenah’s papers and its capacity to do more than just be printed on.