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Dancing Didot

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This project was inspired by two of my passions, dancing and typography. I created an experimental type piece that combined the poise and strength of a dancer's body with the elegance of the classic Didot typeface, showcasing the importance of form in both arts.

Featured in:

SCAD Port City Review
Applied Arts Magazine (November/December 2015 Issue)

Recognized by:

AIGA Design 


  1. Find photographs of ballet dancers in various poses.
  2. Remove the background and areas of the body not needed.
  3. Use the puppet tool to make slight changes to the body's form so that it fit the letter's shape.
  4. Place the image over the letter, combining image with type.

    Finding poses that could be used in conjunction with a letter.

    Manipulating the body so that it still look realistic while also fitting in with the letter.