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THE ASK: To design packaging for the Quiksilver Waterman clothing collection that reflects STAND, a foundation that is supported by Quiksilver to protect the Great Bear Rainforest. Additionally a QR code needs to be incorporated into the packaging in a way that connects to the consumer to the foundation after the point of sale. 

THE SOLUTION: A simple and classic packaging system that is an extension of the Waterman collection. The black and white photographs are used to keep with the classic nature of the Waterman collection but still shows the beautiful waterways of the Great Bear Rainforest. The hand drawn icons along with the organic watercolor brush strokes adds an organic, natural feel to the design. The animal pattern on the inside of the packaging was included to emphasize the wide range of animals that would be affected by the building o f a pipeline. 

The QR code is incorporated inside the packaging design and can be found once the packaging is opened. When scanned the QR code links to the pledge and petition pages, where users can take action against the oil tankers and help protect the rainforest. 


STAND is a short film about the government's push to build a pipeline through the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia and its potential use as a waterway to Asia for oil tankers. Stand explains the negative effect this will have on the river's ecosystem, surrounding environment, and local community.

There is a petition started to halt the building along with a website that has more information about the initiative.

*I did not make this film. The rights and credit for this film go to b4apres media. 


I went through many different sketch variations for all of the packaging, trying to find the solution that best fit the article of clothing and the collection. During this step I experimented with different ways to fold and roll the clothes to create different forms of packaging. 


I created plain paper mock-ups to get the measurement, sizing, and functionality of each packaging system down. It also helped me determine that I would need a heavier paper stock than I originally planned for.