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My name is Tayler Aitken and I recently graduated in May 2015 from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. Not only do I have a love for visual design but for the strategy and concepting that goes into well-thought out ideas, products, and solutions.

As a designer I strive to identify and solve problems by always asking “What if...” and believe that thorough research, inspired idea development, and collaboration are essential to building the best design solutions.

When I am not designing I am most likely watching baseball games, creating experimental and handwritten typography, eating tiramisu and tacos (but not together), and traveling, photographing, and exploring new places.





When developing an idea I do everything from word webs, to brainstorming and list making in conjunction with research and sketching.


Collaboration is key - whether it be with teammates or users. It is a huge part of my process and any feedback I get is extremely beneficial to the final product. 



It is important to research key elements including the company, its brand, competitors, similar products, along with gathering inspiration.


Once I have finalized my sketches and drafts, I bring the project to life through graphics, typography, color, and photos.




I like to get everything down on paper and out of my head. It is the best way for me to express my ideas and visuals to others.


During the presentation stage I make a physical mock-up of my designs and get any final feedback from peers or clients.